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2020.06.12 奈良マラソン2020の開催中止について / Nara Marathon 2020 canceled








We, Nara Marathon Organizing Committee, regret to announce that the Nara Maraton 2020, which was expected to take place this December, has been canceled. We have determined that it is extremely difficult to ensure the safety of runners participating from all over the country, volunteers supporting the event operation, staff members engaged in medical activities, people cheering runners along the race course and many other people involving the event as the future of the coronavirus pandemic remains unpredictable.


We apologize to everyone who was looking forward to the event.

We hope that the threat of the coronavirus infection will end as quickly as possible and that the day will come when everyone can live with peace of mind. We wish to see you all at the Nara Marathon next year.


Nara Marathon Organizing Committee


As a side note, we will continue to monitor the situation and see how we can coordinate alternative events or approaches enjoyable for you all. Once we have decided, we will post updates on this website.


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